Jaime & Jaimie bébé x Lily Stephanie

Charlotte Dress

Rp 539.000

We think about our daughters when we design Charlotte Dress. What kind of dress will look effortlessly pretty?
Inspired by the beauty of the English countryside, we chose this Japanese Ditsy print fabric for them. Of course, for extra cuteness, we add two little velvet bows.
Outer: 100% Japanese Cotton
Lining: Cotton

Size Chart
Size                   0-3 M     3-6 M    6-12 M    12-18 M    18-24 M    24-36 M
Chest                22 cm     23 cm    25 cm       26 cm       27 cm        28 cm
Dress Length    36 cm     38 cm    42 cm       44 cm       48 cm        52 cm


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