Boys Floatsuit Steel Rust

Rp 548.000

Boys floatsuit from Summertide

Summertide float suits are designed to encourage children to be comfortable and confident in the water. Our floatsuits have integrated floats inserted into pockets around the tummy and back, to help children stay buoyant in water and position them correctly when they are learning to swim. You can remove the floats one by one as your child becomes more confident in swimming, until they don’t need any to stay afloat!

Check that the size is correct for your child and ensure a snug fit. You may refer to the approximate guide below:
Size 1-2 = 11-14 kg
Size 2-3 = 14-17 kg
Size 3-4 = 17-20 kg

- Exclusive Summertide print
- UPF 50+ fabric for UV protection
- Premium chlorine-resistant fabric
- Adjustable and removable floats for freedom of movement
- Supports children in the correct swimming position
- Ideal for teaching children how to swim
- 80% polyester, 20% spandex


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