Baby Turkish Towel Kaan in Greige

Rp 148.000
Woven from 100% pure Turkish cotton by artisan villagers of the Denizli Province of Turkey, our Turkish Peshtemal Towels feature unique patterns, colors and fringe details, revealing a bohemian yet classic feel to your fashion or home. Because they are made with special weaving techniques unique to our Turkish Peshtemal Towels, they are super absorbent despite their lightweight characteristic, taking up less space than ordinary towels and drying quickly when wet. They are soft on the skin and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which means they are tested and free from harmful substances, making them ideal for even babies. Due to their sand-free nature, they make the ideal mat and/or towel to bring to the beach, completing your Summertide fashion! And of course, they can be used for your daily baths and yoga, or as a sarong and light throw. Their premium quality, durable nature and versatility will stretch your use out of them throughout the years. Available models: - Kaan Baby Towel in Coffee, 50 x 90 cm - Kaan Baby Towel in Greige, 50 x 90 cm - Herringbone Baby Towel in Greige, 50 x 100 cm - Diamond Baby Towel in Flame, 50 x 100 cm - Diamond Baby Towel in Ocean, 50 x 100 cm Care Instructions: - Before first use (you only need to do this once): soak in cold water for 12 hours before use, to allow the long natural fibers to loosen up. - Wash in cold or medium heat water - Use gentle detergent - Do not use bleach or softener - Air dry, or machine dry in low to medium heat - Undone fringes can easily be fixed by separating the threads into 2 equal sections, twisting each section in a clockwise motion, and tying a knot at the end.

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